Dad, Anything can happen Anywere

Dad, don’t you know I can be in the whitest of white picket fence, apple pie slice’n, 

Khaki pants wearin neighborhood. Get snatched up, raped, or shot in a Walmart shopp’n for some comet cleanser. 

Anything can happen anywhere. 

I’m tell’n you, just because its white don’t mean its right.  

So you tell’n me that livin in the city ain’t safe?

Too much goin’ on in those poo man streets 

Wino’s begg’n, crack heads leanin’

Anything can happen anywhere. 

You ask. Why I do wanna live in the inner city, seeing my people livin’ so low?

You say those people down in the city have nothin’ to lose, nothin’ to gain.

They’ll see me, won’t think nothin’ of my life. 

Anything can happen anywhere. 

Dad. I see your point. But I’m tired of runnin’. 

I’m not safer with them white folks no more than I am safer with the black folks..

I’m tired of turnin’ the cheek, coverin’ my eyes, packin’ up things and leavin’. 

Those people you afraid of, are me and you. 

And we can’t keep hidin’ from ourselves because

Dad, Anything can happen anywhere. 

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